Thursday, May 10, 2012

WWPD News From the Front Episode 36

"Comin' at you live from Studio B!"

The dudes talk Operation Sea Lion, Adepticon, Tank Destroyers, and more!  Steven talks about his recent tournament at Huzzah Hobbies, Steven and Jon take a quick tanget to discuss SAGA, and the crew generally hams it up as usual!

  • 0:00 ACT I: Intro, What We've Been Up To, Adepticon AAR, Otto Carrius!
  • 0:42 ACT II: Operation Sea Lion, Hot Lists & US Tank Destroyers, World of Tanks, WSS Magazine
  • 1:19 ACT III: Huzzah Hobbies Tournament AAR, Saga Chat
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First time in Studio B!  I really enjoyed doing it on a weeknight- I think we will keep up with this, and thus be able to get back to our every other week schedule!

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