Sunday, November 20, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 28

"Revenge of the Noid"
One more episode in the can before Steven's reinforcement arrives! The dudes talk Skyrim, pizza, T-34s in Flames of War and Battlefront Miniatures' upcoming changes to Hen & Chicks. The dudes go on to discuss German National Special rules in n00b zone!
  • 0:00 - Intro/Fall In AAR
  • 0:03 - Skyrim Chat
  • 0:12 - What We've Been Up To
  • 0:43 - Know Your Frenemy: Soviet T-34
  • 0:50 - Hen & Chicks Rules in Red Bear
  • 1:17 - Know Your Frenemy: Italian Bersaglieri
  • 1:28 - N00B Zone: German National Special Rules
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Links discussed in this episode:
CGR Painters
Donogh's Wargaming 101 Post
Anatoli's Skyrim Review
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Glad we got an extra episode in pre-baby! I want a pizza bag of holding.

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